My Background

You hear this a lot from photographers but my love of photography really did start when my Dad bought a camera, got a bit serious about it all, and spread the love of photography to me!

He then bought me my first SLR camera for my 13th birthday - a Cosina CT-1. I loved it so much that I took it to bed with me every night!

And that was it...since then I've always had a camera with me, I've always loved the art of photography, and have always taken a lot of photos of lots of different subjects.

I eventually started to submit my photos to magazines - plenty of rejections followed until that magical day when I had my first photo published. And I got paid for it!

I really wanted to go to art college, but somehow, and I still have no real idea how it happened, I ended up in the corporate world.

Two things happened to make me change direction and pursue my real love of photography.

Firstly, I met Judith, who is now my wife, and we spent two years in Swaziland working as volunteers. Secondly, I worked for the World Wide Fund For Nature, in a rainforest conservation project in a remote, rural area of Cameroon.

Both places gave me the chance to undertake several photography commissions and I loved every minute of it.

I photographed a lot of the natural world around the project for WWF, and in Swaziland I was involved in photographing for a food recipe book, a local handmade candle business, school photographs, local business publications, etc.

When we arrived back in the UK I knew that I had to do what I'd always wanted to do, and that was to become a full time photographer. So, I didn't bother applying for any more jobs, and set up Natural Expressions Photography in 2004.

I love it today as much as I always have done.

I love travelling, and am lucky that my work takes me all over the world.

I'm married to Judith, and have two lovely daughters, India and Luisa. My girls played a big part in my love of family photography!

I now specialise in family life. All aspects of family life, from birth, childhood, your wedding, and beyond!

What else? I'm not great about talking about myself, but I love playing guitar, love reading, love going to concerts, love growing food, and love wandering around aimlessly, photographing the world around me!